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The SEC Proposes Changes to the Submission of Forms, Filings and Materials

Michelle Abramowitz
Michelle Abramowitz
Marketing Manager

On March 22, 2023, the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed an amendment to modernize information collection and analysis methods. The proposed change would require a number of filings to be submitted electronically via EDGAR, rather than in paper form as the Exchange Act of 1934 previously required.

The proposed amendments would impact the way national securities exchanges, national securities associations, clearing agencies, broker-dealers, security-based swap dealers, and major security-based swap participants submit documentation to the SEC.

The proposals would also:

  • Make certain amendments to the Financial and Operational Combined Uniform Single (FOCUS) Report to harmonize it with other rules, make technical corrections, and provide clarifications
  • Require withdrawal of notices filed in connection with an exception to counting certain dealing transactions toward determining whether a person is a security-based swap dealer in specified circumstances

The public comment period on the proposal will remain open for 30 days after publication in the Federal Register or until May 22, whichever is later.

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