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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Expert Accountants Who Put Your Business First

For many decades, DFP Partners, a CPA firm, has been recognized for its accuracy and professionalism in outsourced Client Accounting Services (“CAS”).

DFP Partners customizes our services to your business needs so that your company can focus on achieving its strategic goals, while we take on administrative tasks and free up management’s time. Our accountants can reliably perform all necessary financial tasks for small to mid-sized financial services firms, asset management companies, and private equity firms.

These accounting and bookkeeping services can be handled on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis, including scheduled on-site visits and continuous accessibility and assistance.

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With DFP Partners’ accounting and bookkeeping support you can expect:

Cost Savings

Realize significant cost savings when you outsource tasks to be completed by our expert staff rather than hiring a full-time internal accounting resource.

High Quality Service

Rely on committed and customized service, from qualified, full-time professionals both on-site and off.

Support From Experts

Expect excellent support and innovative solutions from an experienced team.

DFP Partners can help with your:

  • Oversight of accounts payable and receivable
  • Preparation of billing and invoicing
  • Preparation or review of bank reconciliations
  • Maintenance of accounting books and general ledger
  • Preparation of financial statements with trial balance
  • Interface with outsourced payroll processing firms
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